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         Just in 2015 Silver Eagles 

     Are you looking to sell your coins, currency, silver or gold? Well, you came to the right place. My daughter Alexandrea and I are looking to buy. We are both collectors and Dealers who pay the best prices. I'm sure you heard that before, "Paying Top Prices". I will tell you why it's true.
     The price you get for your coins can vary greatly depending on who you sell to. Coins shops, Jewelry stores, Pawn shops, etc. all have HUGE OVERHEAD. They pay for rent, utilities, insurance, advertising, and so on. In most cases these costs can and do add up to $1,000 or more each month. 
     So why does that matter when you sell your coins? Well someone needs to pay for that store. Someone needs to pay for their insurance, someone needs to pay for the utilities. When you sell your coins to them your offer will be less to cover those costs. If they pay you less and sell for more, it pays their bills. 
     My daughter and I are collectors. We also run booths at 5 local Flea Markets(Howard's Flea Market, Airport Farmers and Flea Market, Webster Flea Market, Stokes Flea Market, and Adventureland). Our costs are around $350 a month for that and about $10 a month to have this site. So maybe we have $350 a month in costs versus $1000+ per month with those shops. 
     The bottom line is a $100 coin is worth $100. The money is made when its bought and not when its sold. We both sell it for $100 but they buy it for less to pay for their expenses. 
     So sell your coins where you get more. We pay TOP DOLLAR and always give you an upfront evaluation. All transactions are confidential and payment is on the spot. Call us, stop by our booths, e-mail us(ZmansCoins@aol.com) or send in your coins. We also can make house calls or meet at your bank, whatever way you feel best about. We will be very happy to answer any questions about your items. 
     Thank you very much for giving us the chance to buy your coins...

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